Press Releases

Newspaper clipping from July 22, 2007, about the Birmingham Art Association's centennial celebration in a gallery. Features a photo of James R. Nelson amidst the stunning Sculpture Collection and the Umlauf f3 sculpture.
A man in an orange shirt and straw hat stands beside a display of his sculpture collection on wooden shelves in an outdoor setting. He is holding a small plaque and looking at the camera.
Magazine page featuring an article about Arthur Umlauf, with images of his Sculpture Collection and a photo of the artist. The text discusses Umlauf's artistic background, his inspiration, and his work.
An article titled "Arthur Umlauf" features a sculpture of a woman in the left image, and two close-up images of the same piece on the right. Text discusses Umlauf's background and his extensive Sculpture Collection, highlighting his masterful work with bronze.
A man works on a sculpted piece in an art studio, featured in a newspaper article titled "Carpenter to Sculptor." The article highlights the Gadsden Museum of Art, its renowned Sculpture Collection, and artist Arthur Umlauf.
Newspaper clipping about an art exhibition at the Gadsden Museum of Art featuring Arthur Umlauf's sculpture collection, including images of his stunning works. The exhibition runs from June 9 to August 9, with a special event on July 12.
Newspaper article titled "Sculptor Umlauf Comes Into His Own" discussing artist Charles Umlauf's influence and work, particularly highlighting his renowned sculpture collection. Accompanied by a photo of Umlauf speaking in his studio. Published in The Birmingham News.
Newspaper clipping titled "The Hoover News" with a headline about artist Arthur Umlauf finishing bronze sculptures for an elementary school sculpture collection. Includes a photo of the artist and a woman arranging a sculpture.
A newspaper article discusses the potential installation of a bronze sculpture collection in school lobbies, prompting various reactions from educators and administrators.
A man with glasses and a long ponytail stands beside a wooden sculpture of two abstract human figures embracing, part of an exquisite sculpture collection displayed on a wooden table.
An older man with a beard stands next to a detailed stone sculpture depicting two faces, wearing a patterned bandana and gloves in his woodworking shop, proudly showcasing his sculpture collection.
A man with glasses, a beard, and a maroon shirt stands beside a black sculpture depicting two intertwined figures, part of an exquisite sculpture collection, displayed on a white base in a room with vertical blinds.