Bronze Casting using Lost Wax Process with Investment Mold Method

  • Start with a wax model of each sculpture (brown wax in photos).
  • Invert the wax mold in preparation for the next steps. More than one wax model can be spruced together in the same mold.
  • Add spruces (red wax) to the model(s) for venting. Molds must have vents to allow the mold to fill with the hot bronze (2000 degrees).
  • Add a funnel (a white cup) for pouring hot bronze into the mold. A wire cage can be added to reinforce the investment plaster.
  • Add a face coat of investment plaster (usually contains pre-fired waste plaster from prior pours, called ludo).
  • Add a sheet metal collar to contain the investment plaster. Keep the main spruce and the funnel at the top edge of the collar.
  • Fill the metal collar with investment plaster.
  • When the plaster is dry, the molds are ready for the Burn-Out Kiln.
  • Burn-out kilns are usually large, so many molds can be prepared at the same time for a single upcoming pour.