The Ceramic Shell process is a very time efficient and allows for great detail in the artwork. It is used more often in larger studios and foundries because the ceramic material (slurry) must be kept in a climate controlled room in a large vat that must be stirred constantly. If there is an extended electrical blackout, the vat of slurry will solidify and the mechanical system may be ruined as a result. This system is a significant financial investment for an artist and must be monitored daily.

  • The process involves dipping each wax model (with venting) into the slurry 7-9 times and sprinkled with silica sand. Each layer is allowed to dry between coats.
  • When the ceramic coating is finished the wax model and its shell are ready for the wax burn-out.
  • After burning out the wax model, the ceramic shell is ready for the bronze pour.